Sunday, September 13, 2015

About Me


             This first blog is all about me, as you may have read in the title, haha. So I have picked a few pictures to show you a little bit about me. 

This first picture is my little sister and I. She has a twin, but I can never get her to take a picture with me. They are both six years old and are about to turn seven. Their names are Alexandra and Cassandra and the one pictured here with me is Alexandra, who we just call Alex for short. These girls mean a lot to mean and take up a lot of my time when I am not in school.

My Sister Alex and I

 This next picture is a picture of my boyfriend Richard and I skiing. We go every winter and I really cannot wait to do it again this winter. Most people hate this season, but I love it and all the things you can do during this time of year that you can't usually do. We go skiing at a lot of different mountains, but Richard taught me to ski at Wachusett. Skiing is by far one of my favorite hobbies.

My Boyfriend and I on a Ski Lift

         Coming up next, I'll talk about something or someone I hold dear and near to my heart, my cat. Yes, I am one of those girls that go on and  on about their cat. I can't help it though! He is just so cute! I rescued him at the Providence Center two years ago. He was a special needs cat due to being abused and left abandoned at his old home; which I do not know how anyone can abuse any animal never mind this cat. Not only is he absolutely adorable but he is the biggest love bug in the whole world.

My Cat Milo 

So the next thing I'll talk about is my two best friends in the entire world, Melissa and Eddie. I spent almost all of my summer with these two, beach trips, watching movies at the drive in, and just trying to enjoy the warm weather.

Eddie, Melissa, and I at the Beach

Lastly, I guess I will just some up and add a few last details about myself. By the way, it is very weird to sit here and write about myself, but I'm sure I am not the only one that feels that way. Anyways, I work at Target Mobile as a Mobile Representative, so if you need any help with your current phone or may be interested in getting a new phone, you can come talk to me. My favorite colors are blue and green, I can't decide which one I like better. My favorite band is The Beatles and my favorite TV show is American Horror Story. I am a huge medieval nerd and hit all of the medieval fairs including King Richard's Faire  that is coming up to Carver this month. If you have never been, I suggest you go, it is a lot of fun. I want to be a history teacher one day and eventually get my doctorate in the field to eventually become a college professor, but I do think that I would like to teach in a high school for a few years first. Well, I think that is it. So I hope you enjoyed reading my "about me".

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