Sunday, September 27, 2015

Author: Richard Rodriguez 

Article: Aria

Type of Blog: Reflection 

              I found this story to be very interesting. I only know one language myself, and I've always wanted to learn another one. Especially Spanish; my boyfriend's family is from Columbia and they came here when he was very young. He told me that he learned English very quickly by watching cartoons with his sister every morning, but they never stopped speaking Spanish at home. To this day, they only speak Spanish in the home, expect when I am over because I unfortunately, can't speak any. I feel like I was in another world when I was reading this, almost like I understood him better. He never makes a big deal about it, but I am sure coming here, having his whole life turned around was very difficult for him. I never really put much thought into everything people have to go through when they first come into another country. There is so much to learn, and by trying to fit into, its almost like they are giving up their roots. It broke my heart when I read the part when Rodriguez talked about how his family lost their closeness at home. His mother probably felt helpless with her children talking to her less and less. I, for one, am very close to my mom, I tell her everything, she is my best friend. I feel like that was taken away from them as they continued to loose that closeness. This article really opened my eyes to children who are dealing with similar situations, and when I become a teacher, no matter how old the student is, I want to be able to do all I can to make them feel more at home. I looked online and found this program called proenglish and it was pretty interesting, but I don't know if I completely agree with it. What they do is teach children math, science, and history in their native language while they are learning English, that way they do not fall behind. I like the idea of that but at the same time, they are separating these kids! I don't think that is the best thing for them and might make them feel isolated even more.

This is a comic I found online and it upsets me but it is the truth. Bilingual education is so important so that these kids do not get left behind. I hate saying that they have to learn the language but our school system is just not built really in any other way. :(

For class, I won't bring up my boyfriend and how similar their two stories are, but what I do want to bring up is the proenglish program that I found. I am very interested to know other peoples ideas on this. What do they think? Do they agree or not? I really like the idea of teaching them the regular courses in their native language, that way they ahead with their other classmates. But I do not think they should separate the kids, I honestly feel like that will make them feel segregated and it will make it harder to feel like they fit in.  



  1. That program sounds really awesome but like you said, I also don't agree with them separating the students. I like how you brought a personal connection into your blog and connected it to the story. The comic reminds me of the old saying "the truth can hurt" and its unfortunate that it has to.

  2. So that program seems as though it has students best interests at heart, you know? But maybe the separation of students isn't the best idea. Perhaps there can be some kind of common ground.

  3. So true no child should feel small about themselves.